enjoying a cup of coffee

About Rio Coffee

Many of us have “their place”. A place they love to go, where they feel “at home”. Maybe it's because you have a favorite seat, or a favorite view. You feel at peace, you can relax, and indulge yourself without feeling guilty.

Maybe when friends or family visit, it's the first place you take them. We've seen these folks come in. They show their friends around like it's their place. They introduce them to us, because they feel we are friends also.

When we opened Rio nearly 10 years ago, that was our vision. We've been so lucky because it's become a reality, for us and for you.

We did it with a commitment to your comfort, wants and needs. The very best Coffees, Beans, and the very best preparation.

At Rio, you have no reason to go anywhere else. Not only is our coffee the best, but we also provide the best tasting, healthiest, most reasonably priced foods you can find anywhere. You can feel good about having your children eat here, and once they do, they will also want to come back.

Not many places have it all, we think we do. Why don't you come see for yourself.